Sabina Beata Paradi
April 19, 1983 – June 30, 2007
Behold, I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.

Together these comprise the imagery of Sabina's life.

Drea and Ratha have put together an album of Sabina's memorabilia for your viewing.  Click here for Sabina's album.

Sabina's last 1000 photos from her camera: Click Here for 1000 photos.

First, Dana's photos from Bentley, and Sabina's treasures from Dorris-Eaton School.
Dustin's photos, Nutrition Science graduation, 2005, and folks at Oakland Children's hospital.
Dana's extra photos.  Lots of AOTT and lots many of friends visiting in New York.
Sabina's photos from her first year in New York, having fun with friends, and photos with dad when she came to Washington using the famous Chinatown to Chinatown bus system. Sabina called it "New Yoik".
Sabina going from Ohio to her internship at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Columbia/Cornell.
Dad's collection of family photos, including his visit to Sabina in NYC, August 2006.
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