Sabina Beata Paradi
April 19, 1983 – June 30, 2007
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From Dr Jim Dowling:

March 27th, 2009 12:07 pm
She was a lovely child with gentle, friendly manner and a kind word for everyone. She grew into accomplished young woman with an unforgetable spiritual beauty. I shall never forget her.

From Dana Anvari:


A smile that brought joy to a room…

A laugh that made you feel happy…

A beauty that came from deep within…

A generous, thoughtful treasure of a friend…

A charming, authentic personality…

A light breeze on a warm day…

A one-of-a-kind, quiet determination…

A butterfly just out of her cocoon…

A lost dream…

A soul whose loss is incomprehensible, and unspeakable.

Alisa, friend at Westminster House

I'd also like to make mention of the passing of Sabina Paradi, who was my next-door neighbor at Westminster house for 2 years. I hung out with her occasionally and of course saw her in the hallways and around campus, but I can't say I knew her all that well, in fact, she moved to New York and I probably never would have seen her again. But she was hit by a truck a few months ago while on a date and was hospitalized until her passing. She suffered severe head trauma and the return of full neurological functions seemed very unlikely. In a blog,, her father detailed her daily progress and struggles. Reading it, I felt guilty at how removed I was from the tragedy. I guess I'm still waiting for it to "hit" me, or for someone to tell me it was all a practical joke.

In any case, Sabina was a sweet girl who was studying to be a nurse practitioner. She was fastidiously healthy, friendly, and her love for kim-chee earned her tons of spicy-food street cred in the name of white girls everywhere. I will never forget her, not because I knew her well but because the immortality of her memory will take the edge of how frightened I am by the idea of my own death, and moreover, the niggling suspicion that I myself am not owed a long, full life.

Sabina, the world would have been better had you stayed with us a little longer; I'm sure of that. I hope you have found peace.

From Maya, June 14, 2007:

Please visit this site:

On the evening of Sunday, February 25, Sabina Paradi and a friend were walking out of a playhouse in New York City when she was hit by a pick-up truck. She suffered serious brain trauma.

Going into surgery, she had less than a one percent chance of survival.

It is a testament to the strength of her spirit that she is still with us. Through these long weeks we have been witness not only to small miracles, but to an incredible outpouring of love and support from all over the United States.

Please join us in prayer and continued support for this remarkable young woman.


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